Is that the sun?
After days of rain, sleet and snow! Sunshine is welcomed!
Get your Sugaree's cakes just in time for Thanksgiving!
It is Prime Time Planting at Walton's. Both of our retail locations are stocked and ready to turn your garden dreams into reality.  The girls at the farm are busy watering and planting. They guys are stocking the trucks and delivering our home grown plants to the stores.  Tropicals are in full bloom. Palms are waxxing and waning in the breeze. Petunia aroma fills the area.  Water plants are water ready.  Vegetable are ready to fill your garden and then your plate. We had a small boy in the store and he thought he was in a plant playground. He told his mom, "Mom, they have plants, water, wagons and suckers. This place is awesome."  I love to see the kids smile. They pick blooms and touch the water fountains with much amazement.  I find much fun in those who walk thru the door and say, "I have just pulled everything up in my yard and don't know what to do??!!" I look forward to seeing you all to
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Christmas will be here in less than two weeks.  We have plenty of gifts for ALL! We are currently having a huge sale. Stop by and check us out. I am working off site today. If I miss you, have a very Merry Christmas. 
Greenhouse Market was buzzing in Dallas this year. So many new things available, I can't wait!  Coming home was pleasant, though. The weather here in Mississippi is truly fall weather.  We opened the Fulton greenhouse location this past week.  The mums are starting to show their immense color. Pansies and violas are as vibrant as ever.  Cole crop veggie flats make me want fresh broccoli, NOW.  I plan to fix our yard with our bales of hay, multiple selection of pumpkins and an "It's Fall Ya'll" decor from the gift shop. This time of year is my favorite.  It is so refreshing after the heat of summer in the South. Come by and see us soon!  Send me your decorations of Walton's products and I will share your talent.